Eeeeew Moments.....Nastiest Things At Work


I'm sure most nurses would agree that  hospitals have their share of nastiness when it comes to patients. Some of our coworkers can be fairly gross at times too.  So we asked some of our community members what some of the nastiest things they had ever encountered at work were and here's what they said:

" I was lucky enough to find a large biscuit under the breast of a morbidly obese patient while giving her a bed bath...Eeeew".Theresa Sulivan

"People that allow their kids to crawl all over the floors of the ER's nasty, filthy floor."  Helen Burdling

"Nurses that don't wash their hands....Yeah, C'mon, you know who you are." Denise Sanchez

"When one of our doctors comes in and clips all the old patients's toe nails.  They fly everywhere...OMG."  Darla Kent

"I had a patient that was so filthy that we scrubbed her so many times and we still couldn't get her clean."  Lee Marion

"Visitors that walk all over the floors barefooted...Um, too disgusting!."  Penny Grant

"The absolute filth that I have wiped off our keyboards and those nasty little phones they make us carry around with us."  Tara Sholene

"Patients who leave their sputum filled tissues everywhere....Really?" Jan Becker

"The nastiness we clean off monitors in PACU...Yuck!"  Mary Wright

"The germs that I know are all over the buttons in the elevators. I just hate to even think about it."  Kelly Brixton

"Filthy underwear that is stuck to the patient because they are so nasty...Geez, soap people!."  Tony Welsh

"Patient comes to surgery because there is a squash up his rear end.  He 'accidentally tripped in his garden and fell on it!'  Hmmm, Yeah! Sure." Brandy Carlisle

"Dirty dentures with nasty, old, smelly food in them." Gary Curtis

"Getting poop, vomit, bile, blood and other disgusting things on your scrubs...Eeeeew!" Tina Coslett

What are some of your Eeew moments? Comment below!