You Know You're a Nurse's Spouse When....

You know you're a nurse's spouse

My wife is a nurse and has been for over 27 years. So I know a little bit about nurses and being married to one.  Sometimes it's a great idea to be married to a nurse and other times you'd rather be hit by a truck several times over than be around them.  I'm sorry, did I mention they can be kind of annoying at times? 



For anyone that is thinking about marrying a nurse, I urge to rethink this crazy decision before it's too late!...I'm just kidding.  Nurses actually make great spouses, and although it can be a rough ride at times, I wouldn't trade my 27-married years for a billion dollars...Well, maybe a billion, but certainly not a million.  If my wife's reading this, I love you, honey! :)

You know you're a nurse's spouse when....

1. You are forced to listen to detailed, horrific, filthy, bloody  stories while you're eating your Big Mac

2. You're constantly warned about the health risks of eating a Big Mac. Pizza?  Forget about it!

3. You eat alone most of the time and if you're eating together, get used to being interrupted by annoying work calls for your spouse. My wife even got a call from work while we were vacationing in the Bahamas. They wanted to know if she could come to work that night as they were "a little short." Crazy managers!

4. They seem to cook more for work than they do at home. I've never seen anyone eat as much as nurses do.

5. You get  in trouble for calling them and saying "Are you having a quiet day?" They're highly superstitious! You have been warned. 

6. You will never make it through an entire movie, if it consists of anything medically related, without hearing them yell at the T.V screen and explain to you how stupid Hollywood is. 

7. Laundry?  Get used to it.

8. The school teachers all know you by name and often ask you who the strange woman that picked up your kids the other day was.

10. You get NO sympathy when you're sick. They deal with really sick people all day long, and they know when you're faking it to get attention. Don't even try it!

11. The phone often rings off the hook, because they're the neighborhood, family and friends'  "go-to person" for any medical advice. 

12. You always know what every medication you're taking is for, its mechanism of action and the brand and generic name. 

13. You've been lectured about exercise on multiple occasions 

14. When it's a full moon, you know your spouse will come home from work in a rotten, stinking mood. Run for the hills and don't look back!

15. You hardly ever go to the doctor. You have a nurse as a spouse. What the heck do you need a doctor for?

16. When you have a real medical emergency, your spouse quickly jumps into super-nurse mode and amazes you with her knowledge and skill. 

17. You always have to tip-toe around the house when they're sleeping. Waking them up would surely turn them into a homicidal maniac. 

18. Mess with them before they've had their coffee and be prepared for the spawn of Satan to turn on you. 

Nurses do have a very stressful job.  So if you're contemplating marrying a nurse,  you're making a great decision.  All jokes aside, they really are loving, caring, intelligent souls who make wonderful, lifelong, loyal partners.

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