The Real Deal About Nursing

Are you thinking about becoming a nurse? Maybe you already are one.   If you have been a nurse for even a little while, you know how challenging it can be. 

Here's the real deal "nuts-and-bolts" about nursing and if this offends some, then you're probably not cut out to be a nurse. Perhaps you'd be better suited for accounting. Toodles!


Nurses would like to meet the inventor of the call light in a dark alley and they sometimes even want to shoot the messenger! Poor secretary....Sorry, Mary!

Patients are a pain in the butt sometimes. But their families are in another league of pain-in-the-ass folks.  One that you dream would get in a special machine that makes them disappear into another time and place, or at least onto some other nurse's shift. Okay, I've been up too long today. We would like to have a Xanax salt-lick in every waiting room. Well, it would be nice to have one for us nurses in the break room too! What? A nurse can dream, right?

We hate paperwork! It seems to get more ridiculous as the years go by and is just a chain of cover your ass and the facility's, so you don't get sued. We know it's a necessary evil though, and if you didn't chart didn't freaking happen, right? Please don't ever forget that!

We get sick of lazy managers. You were not hired to sit on your butt and yell out orders. Get up and help. Not just when JHACO is here. Managers seem to have an awful habit of forgetting where they came from. At the end of the day, you're a nurse, just like me, so act like one. You are not too good to wipe butts and clean code browns.  

We don't try to eat our young; it just appears that way. We really don't try to cause problems with the newbie nurses. I think this problem exists because new nurses tend to believe they know how to be a nurse, right out of nursing school. The reality is; they don't. They have so much to learn and are often rude to others who try to help them. If you decide to be rude to a seasoned nurse when you are new, and they're trying to help you, be prepared to be their next feast!

We don't have time for people who are not sick or are drug seekers.  Especially nurses who work in emergency room settings. We see extremely sick people all day long. If we don't triage you right away, it's a good thing. It means you are not really that sick, and there are others who are much sicker than you. Don't waste our time if you came to get a shot of Dilaudid. We can see right through your pain scale of  "10" when you're eating a bag of Cheetos and laughing while you're texting your friend. 

We may joke about our job, and it may be distasteful to some. But we have stressful jobs, and this is our way of releasing tension without going completely nuts. So don't condemn us if our humor is a little off.
It's a nurse thing! You wouldn't understand. If you've got a weak stomach when it comes to eating and talking about bodily functions in detail, then it's best that you don't eat with us. 

We may complain about our jobs.  In fact, we do complain a lot. But let's face it, we have a lot to complain about. Nursing shortages, increased workload, nasty bosses (at times), nasty patients and families (at times).  Increasing obesity rates in patients is leading to more work injuries for nurses who have to lift and move them. Think of your poor nurse before your stick the next Twinkie in your mouth. Paperwork is insane, and you never seem to get off on time.

But after all this we love being nurses. We do love our patients and sometimes even the most annoying family members can become our best friends. Okay, I said sometimes!  I wouldn't trade being a nurse for any other job. I'm a great nurse. I've been asked many times what it's like to be a nurse. I always say the same thing. For me, nursing isn't just a job, it's who I am. I am a nurse till the day I die. I love being a nurse, and I love every bit of my annoying, crazy, hectic days.  I know it's not just a job, it's who I am. I love being a nurse!

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