Nurse Drops Baby at a Hospital and Fractures Skull

Nurse drops baby and fractured skull

A nurses in Uniontown, Pa was feeding and burping a 1-day-old infant when she fell asleep and dropped the baby fracturing his skull. The baby is expected to fully recover from the injury.


The nurse has been practicing for 30-years and was holding the baby around 6:00 am when the baby fell from her grasp and dropped on the floor.

The mother of the child, Jacqueline Hunt told WPXI-TV that the physician informed her that while the nurse was feeding the baby she became "drowsy," fell asleep and dropped him

While police are still investigating this incident, they do not believe there was any criminal conduct. The hospital released a statement saying,  "We are sorry that such a wonderful event has been overshadowed by an unfortunate situation."

This is a shame, but I sincerely hope this nurse is not charged with anything. I also hope she is not reprimanded by the board of nursing, doesn't get sued, fired or suffer any other consequences for this accident. 

We are human and accidents happen.  It sounds as though this nurse works nights and at 6:00 am if I was sitting rocking a baby and feeding him and I had been up all night, I would probably fall asleep too. 

This case does bring up the discussion of nurses being overworked. Night shift is very difficult and  trying to sleep during the day is extremely difficult. Perhaps this will shed some light on the stress nurses endure and hospitals who overwork nurses. 

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