10 Things About Nurses That Others Love


There are a lot of positive things about being a nurse and a few negatives too. But what do your friends and family think about you being a nurse?  

1. Friends and family know they can call you and ask you about all their health concerns.  They love the fact that you save them money going to the doctor. Not saying by any means that nurses can "legally"  diagnose, (unless they're a nurse practitioner) but they can certainly help others figure out what their symptoms mean and for that they LOVE us!.

2. They love inviting us to parties, barbecues and other functions. In the event someone chokes, gags, vomits or poops themselves we always seem to know what to do.  Not to mention the odd chance there is a real emergency we always spring into mighty nurse action.

3. We are always great for interesting conversations at the dinner table. Well, um, okay maybe they don't always care for our bluntness and horrendous details, but they love us so they listen....sometimes.  Eventually, they stop asking, "how was your day honey?"  Hmmm, wonder why?

4. They love all the weird party ideas we have.  "Let's fill up a Foley bag with wine and serve it to the guests honey. It'll be awesome." Or, what about the cake shaped like a real, anatomically correct heart for Valentines Day? Fake heart shapes are so boring!

5. They love our ability to hold our bladder on a long trip.  We're used to it!

6. They love our caring nature. "You're not that sick. You're going to school." Yeah, we're a compassionate bunch!

5. Our kids love that we make them bring interesting medical equipment for show-and-tell at school and we all have one kid who dressed up as the mad surgeon or crazy nurse covered in blood for Halloween.  Yeah, you know who you are. Don't feel bad. I did it too!

6. They love the long talks about healthy eating and what they should and shouldn't be eating, all while we cram a whole piece of pizza in our mouths in less that 60 seconds!.  

7. They love all the advice we give them, whether they like it or not!

8. They love the way we always have sunscreen, Tylenol and Band-aids shoved in our purse and we always have that little bottle of hand sanitizer.

9. They love how we know which doctors they should and shouldn't go to.  "I wouldn't let him touch me with a ten-foot pole." is very helpful to them.

10. They love how they can NEVER watch a medical movie or show on TV when we're around without us yelling at the TV and pausing it to explain to them why it's so "stupid and ridiculous."  Get it together Hollywood.  

Do you have another one to add to the list? Comment in the comment section below. Happy Nursing!