Travel Nursing Jobs are Ripe for the Picking


Travel nursing positions are in high demand keeping travel nurses very busy.  If you're considering travel nursing, this is the best time to jump in. 


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) began in 2014 and has led to an increase in the number of people who are insured and seeking health-care.  Also, because of the economy more nurses are able to cut back on their hours leading to more nursing job vacancies, 

Nurses usually retire earlier than 65-70 and nursing jobs increase by 30 percent each year with no signs of slowing down.  When there are openings in locations that are hard to fill it just makes sense to fill the vacancy with a travel nurse. It's a win-win.  
While many hospitals have attempted to start their own float pools, they have been largely unsuccessful.  Most healthcare facilities eventually decide to contract with staffing agencies and hire

Travel nurses usually work 4-13 weeks on assignment, and the shifts can be weekday or weekend depending on the position and the specialty. 
Travel nursing agencies interview, and screen nursing candidates to ensure hiring of the highest quality talent. 

It is estimated that travel nursing will continue to increase. One of the areas experiencing high growth is elder care. As more people are living longer, they require care for a longer time, and this increases the need for nursing staff.
This is an incredible time for travel nurses, and there are great opportunities available for those interested in embarking on a new specialty.  Since the ACA is providing more people with health insurance especially in states that have expanded Medicaid, the  ACA has also increased profits at hospitals, which has made it more attractive for them to hire travel nurses to meet the needs for inpatient care. 

The demand is much greater than the supply of nurses. It's a great time to be a travel, nurse. Travel nursing jobs are in abundance in almost every specialty