Nurse Pranked by Fake Lottery Ticket

A nurse is California was pranked by her own son this week.  While the Powerball Jackpot is reaching new highs, the nurse, (who chooses to remain anonymous) received a text from her son, with the picture of a lottery ticket with all the winning numbers. 


She soon found out the whole thing was a prank and was thoroughly embarrassed, because everyone was congratulating her.  Her son was just playing a joke on her and had "doctored" the numbers to make it appear as though she had won.

The lottery ticket was purchased by the  C.E.O of the facility where the nurse works. When the facility received the news that the nurse had won the lottery, they quickly called reporters to notify them of the win. I guess this nurse can't quit her day job anytime soon and she probably won't talk to her son for a while either.

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