You Know You're a Nursing Student When...

If you've ever been a nursing student, or you are one right now you'll surely relate to these signs of a student nurse:

You find yourself surfing the internet, playing on Facebook and reading articles like this one instead of studying. Don't worry we won't tell anyone.


You believe you have every psych disorder your instructor talks about and have become a hypochondriac.

You always use a paper towel to turn off the faucet in a public restroom, open the door with the same paper towel and then pitch it in the trash, or on the floor. 

You now know that "C" equals nurse and have cried over your crashing GPA on several occasions. 

You had a TIA just thinking about giving someone an injection the first time.  The more you didn't want your hands to tremble the more they did. 

You converse in abbreviations and acronyms.  "One of my pts had an MVA, and the other arrived via EMS c a GSW to the head. He had an MI in the ER and was a DNR." 

You swear you'll never be seen again in white scrubs after nursing school.

You have listened to your bowel sounds and laughed on at least two occasions, and you have checked all four quadrants.  

You've missed so many family functions that your relatives asked you who you were the last time you managed to attend one. 

You've cried at least once over a test you really thought you'd aced, but you bombed it horrifically. 

You've had at least one clinical instructor that you wish you had never met.  

You've had several dates with a gallon of ice cream, a box of chocolates and a whole box of tissues. 

Sleep, what is that?

You walk around in a perpetual state of confusion and stress.

You forget people's birthday and other engagements, but you can recite the mechanism of action of any drug, you know the blood flow to and from the heart (by heart), and can name every bone, organ, and muscle in the human body!

You are very superstitious, especially on skills check-off day or test day.  You honestly believe that if you have your lucky charm, your special pencil or a certain pair of "lucky shoes," that you'll pass with flying colors. 

You believe you should own stocks in index card manufacturing companies and have stood in line waiting for things and studied for an up-and-coming test. 

You're petrified of the next semester and believe all the horror stories. 

Your life is made up of a series of schedules. "If I study for a couple of hours then I can sleep for an hour, get up and study for two more hours to take the renal test on Friday." 

You know the true meaning of exhaustion. 

You've studied so hard before tests that you literally feel like your head is going to explode or if you tilt your head too far that all the information will fall out of your ears. 

You bore all your family and non-nursing- student friends with "guess what I saw today?" stories. 

You've begun to admire and appreciate veins more than any human being should. 

You've had at least one meltdown episode during clinical and thought about throwing in the towel. 

You've realized that nursing school is a life changing experience and although it's tough you're determined to succeed because you love what you're doing even more than you thought you would.