Former Nursing Assistant Charged With Posting videos Of A Naked Resident On Social Media

Wisconsin-A former nursing assistant has been charged with a felony for allegedly posting a video on Snapchat of a 93-year old resident with Alzheimer's sitting on a bed wearing only a bra.  


This is the latest in a string of photos of seniors posted on social media 

Grace Riedlinger, 21 was a nursing assistant at a Wisconsin assisted living facility and is now charged with a felony for taking naked videos and posting them on social media. She was fired and has refused to comment on the incident, stating that she has been advised by an attorney not to discuss the case. 

Since 2012, there have been 35 cases of nursing home employees sharing videos and photos of residents who were partially or completely naked. 16 of these cases were Snapchat related. The popular social media site allows people to upload pictures that only appear on the screen for seconds then the disappear without a trace. 

The facility, Parkside Manor’s immediately terminated Riedlinger, reported the incident to state regulators and the police.

“The termination of this employee is consistent with our zero tolerance policy relating to actions contrary our code of conduct,” said David Richey, senior regional director of operations for Senior Lifestyle Corp., in the statement. “Actions such as this will never be tolerated at our community. Our code of conduct contains very specific guidelines to govern employee behavior and includes policies regarding social networking and the use of technology that the employee in question clearly violated.”

A supervisor for the  Adult Protective Services in Kenosha County, Rebecca Dutter said, “For those of us who work in this field, it’s such a violation of everything we do, knowing that a client was violated like this,” she said. “I guess it’s our worst fear. We’ve always hoped that it wasn’t happening here. Facilities are going to have to figure out some way of eliminating the accessibility of their staff members to do such a thing,” she said. “There are some really, really, good, wonderful skilled nursing assistants, and I don’t want this to be a black eye to all of them, because I’m sure they are disgusted and outraged as the rest of us are too.””

State officials are outraged and are currently investigating the case. 

When the video was shared on Snapchat a friend of  Riedlinger's saw it and reported it to police.