An Overview of a Career As a Travel Nurse

A career as a Travel Nurse has become a very popular choice for people seeking a life of travel, earning a lucrative income, and helping others. A travel nurse is a qualified nurse that goes to various medical establishments in various regions to work for a specified period. You can find these nurses working in a medical clinic, hospital, rehabilitation facility, and in medical administration. These nurses are normally enlisted to fill in for full-time workers on leave and during peak work times. Assignments can vary from several days to months. However, a typical work assignment is about 13 weeks.

People interested in a career as a nurse must acquire the appropriate qualifications. The typical credentials are a nursing degree from an accredited nursing school, one year of nursing experience, and a license from the particular state's nursing board. When a nurse is hired by a medical organization for a short-term assignment, they receive a high wage because they are expected to be ready to work competently and without training on their first day. Nurses must be proficient in nursing skills when they arrive at the medical establishment. The yearly earnings for an RN travel nurse job can be as much as $100,000.


For qualified nurses to become a travel nurse, they must submit an application to a travel nurse agency. These nursing employment agencies work with medical organizations across the country to match a nurse with a short term job opening. Once a nurse submits an application and is interviewed and accepted by the recruitment agency, the agency will enter their information into a job placement database. When an appropriate position becomes available, the agency will facilitate the employer and nurse interview which typically takes place over the phone. The recruiter will assist the nurse with their travel and accommodations, acquire the state nursing license, and arrange the nurses pay amount and benefits. Each state provides temporary nursing licenses. Most nurse agencies have positions available in all 50 states. The agency recruiter will earn a fee for their work.

Most agencies will provide a travel allowance to its nurses. A nurse will receive their travel allowance either prior to departure are as reimbursement after the nurse arrives at the work placement. As well, travel nursing agencies will often provide free comprehensive health plans to their nursing clients. For an added minimal price, dependents can also be covered under the health plan. A nurse will also be offered professional liability insurance. As well, nurses can obtain a 401(k) plan where part of their income will be placed in a retirement savings plan.

There are many groups that provide support and assistance to travel nurses. The Professional Association of Nurse Travelers is a non-profit national organization that provides support and information for these nurses. There are also many travel nurse Blogs and websites where nurses share their experiences and offer helpful advice. There are many benefits to having a career as a travel nurse. Many nurses enjoy this medical field because they have the opportunity to travel to a variety of geographical locations, experience various work environments, make new friends and employment contacts, earn a lucrative income, and keep a flexible work schedule. A career as a travel nurse is one field that is growing both in demand and popularity.

The best travel nurse jobs can provide rewarding experience and exciting career opportunities. Alternatively, your transferable skills can also be applied to the best occupational therapy jobs.

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