Forensic Nursing - The New and Exciting Career Option

With the continuing rise in crime rates, forensic nursing is becoming a popular part of the American judicial system and one of the booming career options. This new form of nursing is one of the newest forms of forensic sciences recognized by the American Nurses Association. The most interesting facet of this new nursing field is it combines the health care profession with the judicial system. Adding to this, forensic nurses may provide care to victims of violent crime, perform crime scene investigations or may even work as detectives in a clinical setting to assist police catch and condemn perpetrators.


The most important duty in forensic nursing is assisting in the physical and emotional recovery of patients while protecting their rights. A forensic nurse also works in collecting and documenting facts while treating patients. A forensic nurse may serve as legal nurse consultant or attorney.

Today forensic nursing is gaining recognition in the U.S court system as one of the reliable sources of proof, which in-turn leads to higher conviction rates and fewer crime scene errors. It even offers immense opportunities for recent nursing graduates and experienced Registered Nurses, who are looking for a career change. In fact, an individual working as a forensic nurse may practice in many diverse fields. Here are some of the specialties that one may choose to pursue in forensic nursing:

    Correctional nursing
    • Sexual assault nursing
    • Nurse coroner/death investigation
    • Legal nurse consulting
    • Gerontology specialization

Besides this, the employers of forensic nursing specialists also differ. They include acute healthcare facilities, correctional institutions, insurance companies and psychiatric facilities. Definitely this new form of nursing can be considered as one of multitalented professions available in current scenario.

Today there are many nursing schools in the United States that train students to perform their responsibilities as a forensic nurse effectively. These schools prepare students to confront extreme human behavior as the profession demands, maintain their cool under pressure and comfort victims while gathering and handling proofs.

In terms of salary, the starting wage for a forensic nurse can start from $26 per hour with the probable to earn as much as $100 per hour, depending on the state and specialty. In addition to this, at times the salaries also vary depending on the forensic nurse's educational level, the job's location and the duties performed. In addition to this, many private hospitals in the United States are offering a higher salary for forensic nurses. Those nurses who work independently as a private consultant for law enforcement agencies or insurance companies can also receive better incomes.

As a new nursing field, no doubt forensic nursing is a promising nursing career option that can provide very strict guidelines yet rewarding service. In next few years, the job opportunities are going to increase as not all hospitals have forensic nurses. Forensic nurses that join a hospital are usually on-call or work part-time since full-time positions is limited. Ultimately, the demand for these specialist nurses will surely rise. Today forensic nurse don't just provides primary care to injured victims of crime but indeed has become more valuable part in the legal system. Certainly, this is a great and right time to step into this evolving profession and become a part of the forensic nursing community.

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