Man Who Assaulted Nurse Causing Permanent Damage Isn't Sentenced To Any Jail Time

Man who attacked male nurse gets no time in jail

The man who savagely assaulted a nurse at Abbotsford Regional Hospital in British Columbia in  2015 won't be spending any time in jail.

The incident occurred after Stard went to the ER when he thought he was having a heart attack. He had just broken up with his girlfriend and was high on marijuana when he arrived at Abbotsford Regional Hospital's emergency room in British Columbia


Stard did plead guilty to assault with bodily harm and he was sentenced to a conditional discharge and three years of probation. His criminal record will remain clean unless he violates the terms of his probation. 


According to one of the Abbotsford Police , Ian MacDonald it was  “a completely unexpected and unprovoked attack” on an unsuspecting male nurse who was attempting to care for Stard.  The nurse suffered extensive damage to his eye and required stitches. 

The defense had requested a criminal discharge since Stard had no prior convictions. 

The nurse and Gayle Duteil the President of  the B.C. Nurses’ Union (BCNU) were disappointed with the outcome. 

Duteil said,  “The laws are ineffective and we’ll be doing everything to pressure the government to change the laws."

“The criminal system was changed a few years back to make a harsher sentence, attacking a transit or cab driver and we’re going to do the same for nurses.”

Duteil informed reporters that the victim has permanent damage and can no longer work in the ER. He is now training to work in a different position. 

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