Nurse Vanishes Without a Trace

Michele Boyd

San Antonio, Texas -- Nurse Michele Boyd disappeared Thursday night. 


According to one of her coworkers, John Tindall, it's difficult to believe.
"I thought ‘this can't be happening.’ She's too grounded. She's too down to earth. It just seemed very, very odd. She's kind, she's loving, she's spiritual and I'm really, really scared for her."

Boyd is a registered nurse who is employed by Chrisus Hospital System.

 Tindall said that he has worked with her for seven years and she is a professional who has strong work ethic.

Boyd's family members are devastated and they are praying that an appeal to the public will help to shed more light on the case and bring her home.

Tindall said, "We've got a lot of nurses out there, a lot of family and friends of hers that are very concerned and just wanting her home safe and sound," 

Police are remaining tight-lipped about the case. They have had several leads that they are investigating since her disappearance Thanksgiving evening. 

Boyd’s car was found in a restaurant parking lot Friday morning near the intersection of Rigsby Avenue and WW White Road and volunteers have handed out flyers around the area with Boyd's picture. 

Tindell and her family have a message for Boyd  “Michele, call us! You have so many friends that are just out there wanting to help you."

The nursing communities of and ask that you share this post in the hopes it assists authorities in finding Michele and our thoughts and prayers are with the Boyd family. 

Anyone who knows anything about her disappearance is asked to contact police in San Antonio, Texas.