Student Nurse Dies Waiting For An Ambulance

student nurse dies waiting for an ambulance

Student nurse, Lisa Day, 27 became ill while visiting a friend on September 7th.  Day was a nursing student with diabetes and suffered a heart attack. 


According to the coroner's report, her friend Luke Halliburton called the NHS 111 service, (the equivalent to the U.S 911 emergency number) at 5pm, sadly by 10pm EMS had still not arrived. 

When they finally arrived he student nurse was unconscious and had suffered a heart attack.  Five days later she died in the hospital. 

“She had a sore throat and her voice was hoarse. She asked me to call an ambulance. I called NHS Direct on 111 from my mobile.” her friend said. 

He added: “I was told an ambulance would be sent, I was aware there were often very long delays for an ambulance to attend and periodically checked on Lisa throughout the day.”

At 10pm paramedics still had not arrived, and the London Ambulance Service called to check on Lisa.

Mr Halliburton then found her unconscious lying in the bed in her underwear with her head on the side of the mattress.

“I went back into the room and couldn't hear her breathing and couldn't rouse her,” Mr Halliburton said.

“I immediately dialed 999 and informed the London Ambulance Service (LAS) that Lisa was unresponsive and not breathing.

“I moved Lisa from the bed to the hallway and checked to see if her airways were clear and if she was breathing. She wasn't so I started CPR until the LAS first responder arrived.”

She was transported to the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead where she later died.

Mr Halliburton, an acting sergeant with the Metropolitan Police, told the courts that Ms. Day had fallen ill and started vomiting during night.

He said: “Throughout the day I could hear that she was unwell and could hear her vomiting occasionally. When I heard her do this, I checked on her.

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