Woman Impersonating a Nurse and Scamming People

Woman impersonating a nurse and scamming people

COBB COUNTY, GA-Woman says she bought a car from a woman on craigslist who was impersonating a nurse. 


Ziterria Gleaton saw an ad on Craigslist for a 1999 Honda Accord and contacted the woman who said her name was Bria. The vehicle was priced at $1,500. 

Bria told the woman that she was a nurse and asked Gleaton to meet her at her workplace, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Hughes-Spalding. Bria was wearing light blue scrubs and claimed that the car belonged to her mother and handed her cell phone to Gleaton so she could speak with her mother about the car. 

"She was building trust over the whole conversation, so I thought everything was going to be OK, She was definitely trying to butter me up and get into my head, She claimed her mom was on the phone, and her mother told me that she owned the car," Gleaton said. 

Police have now received multiple reports of women dressing as nurses then tricking people out of money.

Gleaton felt strange about the transaction. "I literally said I'm so scared like something was telling me don't do it," Gleaton said.

Gleaton paid Bria $1,500 from her tax return and walked to the parking garage to retrieve the car she had purchased from Bria. But the key she was given did not fit any of the Black Accords in the garage and by the time she realized she'd been scammed it was too late, and Bria was gone. 

"She knew my situation. She knew that I had a baby. She knew that I was pregnant. She knew all this stuff. So, it's hard," Gleaton said.

Another victim said she was almost scammed at DeKalb Medical, but she felt uneasy about it, so she changed her mind.


Source: http://www.wsbtv.com