California Nurses Association And Union Fight Back Against Hospital For Firing Nurses

California nurses association and union fight back against Huntington Memorial in Pasedena

The California Nurses' Association is planning to go to trial with Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena this summer. 


This after a nurses alleged that the hospital administrators attempted to stop their efforts to unionize.  Last week two nurses who were active in the unionization movement were fired, and this brought the issue into the limelight. 

Lisa McInnes, a registered nurse, said in a statement which was released by the National Nurses United Organizing Committee, “Nurses at HMH deserve a fair election without an illegal campaign of fear and intimidation. We deserve fairness, truth and the right to have a union so that we can make improvements to provide the quality care that our patients deserve.”

The NLRB is allowing some time to settle the issue out of court. If this is not possible then the court will authorize an official complaint and scheduling a hearing.

Huntington Memorial Hospital called the movement “a self-serving campaign to defame our 125-year-old institution.”

“It is not uncommon for the CNA/NNU to mis-characterize the federal labor law process and accuse an employer of violating the law,” said hospital spokesman Derek Clark in a statement. “This CNA/NNU tactic is especially common when it is trying to overturn an election it has lost, as is the case here where the majority of our nurses voted against union representation last year.”

In the complaint, the NLRB alleges the hospital would not allow any off-duty employees or union representatives to enter the building. Interrogated nurses about their efforts to unionize, used surveillance monitors on nurses discussing unionization and told nurses not to discuss misconduct. 

To discourage other staff from discussion involvement with the union, it is alleged that they fired nurses, Allysha Almada and Vicki Lin. The nurses' union is demanding back-pay and reinstatement of employment for both nurses.