6 Reasons Why Nursing Is Better Than ANY Other Profession

6 Teasons why nursing is better than any other profession

If you're trying to figure out what career path you want to take and your head is spinning as you try to decide whether to be a nurse, doctor, teacher, lawyer or fly by the seat of your pants and see what kind of hell you can raise, (the latter is just a joke, don't get any stupid ideas), but this article can help you out. 

There are pros and cons to every profession, although we wish the cons would just take a freaking hike and leave us with sheer terrific-ness, but we all know that's just a dream.  

Here are 6 reasons why nursing is better than any other profession.  I promise I'm completely and unapologetically biased when it comes to nursing, just thought I'd throw that in there:

1. Nursing is full of happy people.  

Okay, I lied. Most patients are totally miserable.  After all, you would be too if you had a catheter or tube hanging out of every orifice, forced to eat hospital food, wear tight socks that make your legs look and feel like swollen sausages and were awakened by the sweet sound of a stinking IV pump singing in your ear every 5 minutes. Yeah, I'm sure you'd be one happy bunny!

2. Your charge nurse is always so helpful, sweet and here we go again with the happiness.  Her face reminds you of disgruntled bullfrog and she's always there to lend a hand, (well, okay, maybe only when Joint Commission is around), at which time she wakes from the dead and acts like she actually likes her job and YOU.  There are a few more choice words I can think of to describe this chick, but I'll clamp it and let your imagination take over.

3. The thoughtful family members.  You know, the red-neck gang from the Appalachian mountains that tell you how to do your job, order coffee like they're in the line at Starbucks and you're the Barista and actually tell you that they know more than you because they read it on WebMD the night before....Yeah, they're an intelligent bunch of low-lives. 

4. Your work wardrobe is awesome

 Sexy, high heels with silk stockings, beautiful suits, and expensive jewelry.  Okay, okay, so I got carried away in dreamland again. A girl can dream, right?  

Instead, I drag my butt out of bed throw on a wrinkled pair of scrubs, (if I'm lucky they might match), then sleepwalk my way to my car with no make-up and a rat's nest hair-do.  Hell yeah, this is a benefit of being a nurse.  I get 30-minutes more sleep than the size 2 Barbie doll down the street who's an "executive secretary."...Whatever!

5. Nurses get all these cool calls from friends.  

I love hearing about the infected rectal abscesses, green diarrhea and toe-nail fungus problems that call themselves my "friends."  Em, No, you cannot catch a cold from the rain, nor can you take antibiotics for the flu.  You cannot die from a bruise and you are not having a stroke, you just drank too much Vodka last night!

Geez, the stupidity never ends. Stop it already. If you have so many medical questions, either go find a doctor or go to nursing school yourself, but whatever you choose to do, leave my the heck alone!

6. You "only" work three days a week.  Hmmm, I love this one. I work "36" hours in a three-day period. Not including 4-5 hours overtime each day and call on my days off.  That's about 60 hours a week and I feel like I've been hit by a truck so badly that on my first day off I enjoy being in a completely comatose state. 

Only a nurse can relate to these blessings and although I'm poking fun at my life as a nurse, I can honestly say that I am so glad I chose nursing. I love my patients, I love my work and um, well, no, I don't love the family members.  Nursing isn't for everyone, but it IS for this chick. 

"Ms. size 2, Barbie Doll Executive Secretary" can keep her stuck up non-sensical job.  I save lives for a living so kiss it!