Ex- Husband of Hospice Nurse Charged With Her Murder

Steven Williams admitted to killing his ex-wife Tricia Todd on Tuesday, but he did not tell detectives where he dumped her body, except to say she's in a wooded area in Hobe Sound, Florida.  There's been an ongoing search for over a month to try to locate her remains. 

“The lack of a body will not be an impediment as we go forward with prosecution,” according to one of the detectives. Williams has been  charged with second-degree murder and child neglect.

Williams is a 30-year-old Air Force airman.  He's been in custody without bond since he was charged with second-degree murder of his ex-wife on April 27. 

Williams told detectives that Todd’s remains were in a “wooded area” in Hobe Sound, but would not reveal the precise location. The area has been searched using cadaver dogs, law-enforcement personnel, and volunteers, but so far they have failed to locate her. 

The couple was divorced in March 2015 and Williams was ordered to pay the victim $1,150 a month in child support for their two-year-old daughter. 

Tricia Todd was a 30-year-old hospice nurse raising the couple’s 2-year-old daughter. Williams became a suspect in her murder when cameras captured him on tape, driving her car around after her death. Their child was also present during Todd's murder. 

Williams has not been offered a plea deal by prosecutors for telling authorities the whereabouts of Todd's body. They want to speak to her  family about their wishes before they make any decisions. 
“We certainly would not do anything without speaking to family first,” said assistant state attorney, David Lustgarten.

The search for her body continues on Bridge Road between Interstate 95 and the Florida Turnpike in Hobe Sound.  

A Facebook page has been set up to help with the search and request more help from volunteers. So far there are 24 volunteers and 20 law enforcement officers conducting the search. 

The victim lived in Hobe Village, which is where her car was found. Her daughter is being cared for by her family and they have refused to comment about the murder, instead, they referenced a previous comment made before the announcement of William's arrest. 

A comment on the Facebook page says, “The confirmation of Tricia’s death is beyond heart-breaking and indescribably painful."

According to Wesley Holden, Wiliam's Pastor and spokesperson for the Todd family,  he knew Williams years ago when the accused was a member of his church. 
“It’s stunning,” but he refused to comment further.

According to her brother Joshua, the family is still trying to cope with the news.
“She was as good of a mom as you could get,” he said. “She was a real loving person. She didn’t judge people. She just believed in love and not judging people. ”

On the night of Todd's murder, she left her daughter with Williams. Police interviewed Williams on three separate occasions and he voluntarily agreed to a polygraph. Detectives said there were, “gross inconsistencies” in his story each time they discussed her disappearance with him.

Todd was caught on surveillance camera just hours prior to her death and her car was found parked near her home with her purse inside, but no sign of her wallet.

Melissa Crable, a neighbor of Todd's said, 
“She was very nice, super friendly, loved her daughter,” Crable said. “They would just be out front playing here with the chalk and doing some ‘criss-cross applesauce,’ just some games that they were playing out here. That’s why I didn’t think she would just disappear, especially without the child.”

Her ex-husband has been charged with second-degree murder but they have still not located her remains.