Nurse Faces Jail Time For Stealing a $7000 watch from a dying man.

Photo credit: Eddie Mitchel-Aeriel News

Photo credit: Eddie Mitchel-Aeriel News

Nurse Joseph Miller faces charges after he admitted stealing a Rolex watch worth $7000 from a dying man.  


The 40-year-old nurse stole the expensive timepiece during resuscitation efforts for Mr. Davies who suffered a massive heart attack. 

Several months later Miller went to a jeweler to have the watch appraised and he planned to pawn the Submariner Rolex watch.

Miller pleaded guilty to theft of the watch while working at St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester, England.

Grandad David Davies was wearing the £7,000 Rolex Submariner when he was treated in the resuscitation room

The Judge, Ian Pearson informed the nurse that the crime he committed was very serious and that he faced jail time.

Cameras were recording the entire scene while Miller stole the watch, but according to his defense attorney Miller didn't intend on taking the watch, instead he picked it up on accident. 

 Miller said in a statement to police: “I must have picked up the Rolex watch by mistake and put it in my shirt pocket.”

He claims he meant to give it to the family, but forgot. He said he panicked when he realized he still had the watch. He also said that there had been several problems in his personal life and his family also experienced some trauma, so he completely forgot to return it.