Transgender Nurse in Iowa Files complaint Against His Workplace For being Banned From the Men's Restroom

DES MOINES, Iowa —Jesse Vroegh and his wife filed a complaint Thursday with The American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa against his workplace, the department of Corrections in Iowa where he is a nurse.  


According to Vroegh, he was denied the use of the men's locker rooms and restrooms at his workplace because he's transgender. 

He has also been denied health coverage for medical treatments because he is transgender. 

Vroegh said all he just wants to be treated as equally as his coworkers. 
"In this country and in Iowa, everyone should be treated fairly in the workplace – especially when your employer is the State," said Vroegh in a news release. "Rather than setting a good example for other Iowa employers, the State has denied me the use of gendered spaces as well as the health insurance coverage I need, simply because I am transgender. I hope my fight for fairness in the workplace will make a difference for the many other transgender people who have faced similar discrimination at work."

Vroegh's supervisors told him that he must use the private unisex restroom to both keep his belongings and to us the restroom and that he is not permitted to use the restroom of the gender that he identifies with.