Doctor Faces Charges for Pointing a Gun at a Nurse's Face

Susquehanna County, PA- A physician faces charges after allegedly pointing a handgun at a nurse at  Bridgewater Twp. medical facility.


The incident occurred last month at Endless Mountains Health Systems. Jose Nazar, M.D., 66,  is charged with terroristic threatening.

Dr. Nazar was discussing his weapon at the nurses' station, telling employees at the hospital that he planned to go to a shooting range when he got off work.  Licensed practical nurse April Jayne and Medical assistants Anna Ralston and Kaila Kays were at the nurses' station listening to the physician. 

Dr. Nazar walked away and returned with a box containing a handgun. He removed the handgun from the box  and Ms. Ralston left the nurses' station.  Ms. Kays, inquired about the gun, asking the doctor what type of gun it was.  

According to the court documentation Nazar pointed the gun at the nurse's face and said, “Here, I’ll show you,” 

Dr. Nazar has been licensed as a surgeon and medical doctor in  Pennsylvania since 1986. His current position is as director of surgery at The Endless Mountains Health Systems.  They declined to acknowledge the investigation.

A preliminary hearing is set for Aug. 8.  In the meantime, he has been released on his own  his own recognizance.