Nurse Loses License for Having an Affair With a Felon

Kimberly Hinde, a nurse in Yorkshire is in some serious trouble after falling for a felon incarcerated at HMP Wealstun in West Yorkshire, England.


Hinde was working as a substance abuse nurse with inmate Lee Stephenson. She began to spend excessive time with inmate Stephenson and would reappear looking disheveled and flustered, according to her coworkers.

Letters were found from Hinde in Stephenson's cell along with the novel Fifty Shades of Grey that Hinde smuggled into the prison for Stephenson.

According to her coworkers, Hinde, the mother of two was acting like a "love sick teenager." 

Hinde would apply makeup before seeing the inmate and became "giddy" when she spent time with him.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council suspended her from practicing nursing for a year.


When prison officials became suspicious of her affair they searched HInde,  Hinde was heard warning her lover to be careful, that he may also be searched. 

The Fifty Shades of Grey Novel was found in his cell along with the letters HInde had sent.

After her suspension she continued to contact Stephenson using aliases to call him and send him letters and emails. 

HInde's case went to trial on November 4, 2014 at Leeds Crown Court.. She pleaded guilty to fraternizing with an inmate and "over familiarity."

She was sentenced to nine-months in prison and 200 hours of community service.