Nurse Caught On Camera Having Sex In Dead Child's Memorial Room

nurse caught on camera having sex in dead girls memorial room

Community nurse is caught on camera having sex in dead child's memorial room. 


Parents, Mr. & Mrs. Cassell,  who recently lost their daughter to a neurological disorder were shocked to find the nurse who they trusted to care for their daughter while she was dying, having sex in their child's room where they had set up a memorial.

Melissa Dye was hired to house sit for the parents of the deceased child after she had cared for their daughter while she was with Chestnut Tree House Hospice in Poling, Sussex.

When the child's health began to deteriorate further nurse Dye began making house calls. 

The parents checked on the house remotely and were devastated to find Dye having sex in the room that they'd preserved as a memorial to their daughter. 

The Cassells had layed clothing and toys that belonged to their child around the room and Dye was caught lying on the dead child's clothing engaging in intercourse. 

The nurse was reported to the Nursing and Midwifery Council in London.

The parents wanted to preserve the child's scent on the items so they could remember her, but the nurse contaminated the girl's clothing and they were forced to clean the items, ridding them of their child's scent, which the parents frequently found comfort in smelling. 

"She had a neurological disorder, meaning her bones were very fragile, with an increased risk of fractures.

Mr. Cassells said: "They used their savings to construct a sensory room, which he built himself."

While the Cassells were on vacation they were contacted by a neighbor who informed them that there was a strange man entering their home. 

When the Cassells heard this they logged in remotely to the cameras in their home and watched in horror. 

"She has since sent a text message saying 'I'm sorry to have betrayed your trust'."

Although nurse Dye was caught on camera she still denied that she had intercourse on the child's belongings in her bedroom.  The hearing continues.