Nurse Dies After Having Acid Poured On Her

Nurse dies after having acid thrown on her by a jealous neighbor

Preeti Rathi, a nurse in the navy recently died after being attacked by a jealous neighbor who attacked her with acid.

Rathi, 23 moved to Mumbai from Dehli to practice nursing for the Indian Navy. 

Her train had just arrived in Mumbai when she was tapped on the shoulder. She turned and a man threw acid on her. 

Ankur Panwar  was her neighbor in Delhi and had followed her to Mumbai to commit this horrendous crime. He was arrested and according to the police he was jealous of her success and frustrated by his constant harassment because of his unemployment. 

"Preeti had told her friend in the hospital that Ankur used to harass her in Delhi and even tried to propose marriage to her. When she refused his advances, that's when he decided to teach her a lesson," said the  prosecutor of the case, Ujjwal Nikam. "I will ask for the maximum sentence, that's the death penalty."

Ms. Rathi remained in critical condition in the hospital for  a month before she died of her injuries from the acid attack. Her throat had been burned and her lungs were severely damaged.

According to the police, Mr Panwar wanted to "deface Preeti so she would never get a job again."

Preeti's father, Amar Singh Rathi said he wants Panwar to  "suffer till the end just like my daughter did. If he is given a lighter sentence, it will not send the right message."

India has one of the highest rates of acid violence in the world. Of 1,500 recorded acid attacks each year across the world, more than 1,000 cases estimated to occur in India alone.

India made acid attacks a specific criminal offense in 2013. Acid remains easily available despite a 2013 Supreme Court order to curb sales.