Hunky Nurse Finds Fame on Instagram

Hunky Nurse Finds Fame on Instagram

Jake Grez, 25, has gained an amazing following on Instagram following some posts of his fit body and interesting life. 

Grez, from Chicago, Illinois regularly posts to his Instagram account and now has a following of over 30,000 people. 

According to Grez, he wasn't searching for fame. He recently became a registered nurse after losing his mother to thyroid cancer. 

The hunky nurse turned to Instagram as a means to grieve the loss of his mother. He couldn't believe the outpouring of sympathy and following and his popularity continues. 

He often posts pictures of himself working out at the gym and working as a nurse. 

'When my Mum passed away I dedicated several posts to her and the outpour and support from people all over the world really meant a lot to me.
'It's crazy how one silly app can connect you to so many people who have experienced or are experiencing the same thing you are.'

'I always aim for a positive message whether it be a funny caption or a motivational one,' he added.
'My hope is that people can take a look at my content and feel happy.'