Nurse Strangled Wiith Her Own Stethoscope

“I have been a nurse in the Emergency Department for over 23 years and have worked with hundreds of patients. I've been assaulted more times than I can count, but this episode made me realize how it feels when you seek for help, and it was taken lightly. The response from my coworkers and administration was a shrug of the shoulder an eye roll and an ”I don’t know what to tell you.” I knew the only way to keep myself safe was to end my career in this institution and move on.”


“I knew after I received report from EMS that I needed security for backup, the patient had just got out of jail and went to a shelter. The shelter sent her to us because of the complaints she had. You know that gut feeling reaction we get when we know something is not right?”

No nurse deserves to be assaulted while doing her job. We need to end this senseless violence towards nurses. All nurses should be trained to defend themselves by the facility that hires them if they are to face this type of violent behavior. 

Unfortunately in the state of Massachusetts this crime is only considered a misdemeanor. Rep Bruce Ayers wants to make any assault on a healthcare worker a felony. If you would like to support this bill and you live in MA call your state representative and tell them, you're in favor of bill #1164

If this happened to you would you make the same decision this nurse did and get out of nursing?  Comment below.