You Are Experiencing Nursing Burnout If....

If you're a nurse or even a nursing student, you certainly know the meaning of stress.  Nursing is one of the most stressful careers and most of it is not because of our patients. The ridiculous amount of paperwork nurses are responsible for, the red tape that's involved in our every day work and the amount of hours some nurses work are mostly to blame for the huge amount of stress nurses endure on a daily basis.

Here are some of the things that may give you an indication that you need a break from work, to unwind and relax:

1. You're dreaming of codes, starting IVs, inserting Foley catheters and problems at work, instead of the usual stupid falling, flying and other unrealistic nonsense we dream about. 


2. You're making silly mistakes at work and forgetting important details.

3. You're drinking unbelievable amounts of caffeine, but you're still walking around like a zombie. 

4. You haven't had a vacation in months and really just want one so you can catch up on sleep.

5. Your spouse and kids would rather you stay at work cause you're a crabby ole witch when you get home

6. When you get home from work you can't really remember the drive home.

7. Your patient's know you by name. 

8. Your coworkers have mentioned that "you look tired" or "you need a vacation."

Are you experiencing burnout?  Do you have comments to share?