Here are some wishes for that nurses have, but would never tell a soul.   With any luck some will come true.

Many nurses wish for stupidity to be a formal medical diagnosis.  We would also like the treatment for it to be sedation!  You can't fix stupid, but you certainly can sedate it!

Many of us would love to meet the inventor of the call bell in a dark alley at night.....Let me at em! 

Many of us wish the fridge in the break room would just clean itself and the people that leave their nasty food in there for weeks would just QUIT!!

Nurses also wish their patients wouldn't think they were so dumb, that they can get away with lying to us and we don't know any better

We really wish that our patient's would try to do more for themselves when they can.  

We want everyone to have magnificent veins. Big, juicy veins and no fear of needles....Okay, so we can dream!

We would all like the "nurse Ratched" at our hospital to chill the heck out.  No matter what it takes!

We want to be able to throw that annoying family member out.  Yeah!

What else would you like for the New Year?  Comment below