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Congratulations you seem to be on the right career path. You will make a great nurse and if you're already a nurse you're probably already a great one. Why? Well, because good nurses don't get into nursing for the money.  Nurses that do quickly tire of nursing and look for another career path.  Great nurses know that their number one priority is their patient and everything else comes second.  Great nurses like you are compassionate and empathetic and can anticipate your patient's needs. 

You also realize that learning is something we never stop doing as nurses and are always there to help someone who's in need, even if you're off the clock.  You take pride in your work and may have even dreamed about being a nurse when you were a little kid. 

If you are not a nurse yet, it looks like you found your calling and soon we will be welcoming you to the rewarding field of nursing.  If you are a nurse already-there's no better feeling than knowing you made the right choice! Great job!