Results of the "Which Nursing Specialty are you

If you chose mostly A's you are a very energetic person, who loves to be challenged.  You work great under pressure and stress and find it invigorating. You're certainly a social butterfly and you love being around people. You love to work in the clinical environment and enjoy your patients and their families.  You love working in an unpredictable environment, where you never know what will come in the door next. You love to be busy and on your feet a lot.  You are constantly looking for activities that keep you active.  Talking on the phone during business calls is a bit of a drag for you, because your mind wanders, thinking about all the other things you need to do. 

Blood and guts don't bother you, in fact you LOVE it.  

The perfect work environment for you is one that will keep you busy, both mentally and physically.  You enjoy working as a team with other staff members, including doctors. The worst job for you would be sitting at a desk in a cubicle doing case management, clinical research or working from home. You love the clinical setting and utilizing your clinical skills.

The perfect specialties for you would be emergency room nursing, stat flight, surgical nursing, ICU nursing, PACU nursing, NICU nursing, SICU, MICU, CCU, correctional nursing, psychiatric nursing,  or L&D.  If you're thinking about advanced specialties, CRNA may be the way to go. It's pretty fast paced and you never know what's coming next. 



If you chose mostly B's  you are somewhat energetic, but enjoy a sitting down some of the time during your shift. You prefer a job that has some pressure, but let's not overdo it.  You're okay with dealing with patients, but you're not a huge people person either. You can take- them- or- leave- them.  You don't mind some activity in your day, but you don't enjoy running around "like a chicken with no head".

You don't mind talking on the phone during business calls, but you wouldn't want to sit on the phone all day at a desk.  You don't mind dealing with blood and guts, but being covered in blood is not your idea of a good time.  You prefer to know what's going on in advance, so you can prepare, but if you have to, you can work okay  under pressure. 

You're ideal specialties would be Pediatric nursing, med-surg nursing, holistic nursing, orthopedic nursing, school nursing, neurology nursing, developmental disabilities nursing, clinical educator. geriatric nursing, occupational health nursing or wound care nursing. 


If you chose mostly C's, you work better in environments that allow you to to work completely autonomously.  You don't care for chaotic, unpredictable situations and avoid them as often as you can. You're not a real people person and prefer solitude.  You like an organized life and wouldn't take to well to being called in for a surgical case at 3 am.  You're not a huge fan of the clinical arena, and prefer the "hands off" specialties.  You don't care too much for doctors or surgeons, but wouldn't mind the occasional encounter with one.  You also prefer to work at a desk and your ideal job would be a work-from home gig.  

The perfect specialties for you would be:  case management, legal nursing, research nursing or telephone triage nursing.  If you are interested in advanced practice nursing, nursing professor or family nurse practitioner would be good choices for you. 


If you chose mostly D's, my goodness!  what in the world are you doing in the field of nursing?  Maybe you should consider a career in accounting.  if you have the energy to get off the couch.  You don't like patients or their families and you don't like blood and guts, all part of a nursing job, even if it's just getting through clinicals.   There is no way you will get through a career in nursing without working unpredictable hours at some point. You despise the clinical environment and I'm sorry, but at some point you will need to talk with doctors. Good luck finding a job working from your couch, not talking to anyone, or dealing with any patients.